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Radio Relay International, Incorporated - Central US Staff

Not Affiliated With the American Radio Relay League


Those NMs affiliated with the ARRL and the NTSTM are shown in a separate Associates section.

We all continue to work together to handle traffic, regardless of affiliation.


Staff Members:


Steve Phillips, K6JT, Member-at-Large and Area Coordinator


(Alphabetical by Callsign Suffix)


Bill Kuechler, N9ACQ, Manager Daytime Fifth Call Area Net


Steve Franzen, N9CK, Manager Evening Ninth Call Area Net


Frank Thrash, W4DLZ, Manager Evening Fifth Call Area Net


Rodney Baker, W5DY, Member-at-Large


Larry  Jones, WB9FHP, 9th Call Area Hub (DTN)


Nominations Open, For, Manager Evening Central US Net


Carolyn Womack, KC5OZT, Manager Daytime Central US Net


Robby  Roberson, KK5QT, Fifth Call Area Hub (DTN)


Don Moore, KM0R, Central US Digital Manager and 10th Call Area Hub (DTN)


Marty Ray, N9SE, Evening Inter-Area Traffic Manager


Steve Miller, N0SM, Member-at-Large


Jeff Smith, N5TMC, Daytime Inter-Area Traffic Manager


Corey Mesenbrink, KC0YNS, Manager Daytime Tenth Call Area Net



Associate Members (Voting)


Jo Ann Keith, KA5AZK, West Gulf Division Assistant Director


Pete Jordahl, K5GM, Associate Member


James Wades, WB8SIW, Manager ILN and QNI Newsletter Editor



Associates (Not RRI Affiliated)


Kris Batka, NX9K, Manager Cycle 2 9th Region Net


Dave Hallock, W0SS, Manager Cycle 4 10th Region Net



Associates (Section Traffic Managers)


Brian Jenks, W9BGJ, STM IN


Rodney Baker, W5DY, STM STX (Also MAL RRI)


Herman May, KE5HYW, STM NTX


Mary Peelman, KE5LTA, STM OK


Lelia Garner, WA0UIG, STM IA


(Other Sections Pending)



New RRI Documents


RRI Articles of Incorporation:  RRI Arts of Incorporation.pdf


Central US RRI Terms of Reference:  Central US RRI TOR.pdf


Central US Area Status (White Paper RRI-001):  Central Area Status.pdf


Pactor-3 Information and Frequency Guidelines (RRI-008):  RRI-008.pdf


RRI Digital Operations (RRI-002)):  RRI Digital Operations.pdf


RRI Traffic Operations Manual :  RRI Traffic Operations Manual.pdf



**Note** The documents listed below were published before the start of RRI.

As such, they contain obsolete information but are left here until some

can be replaced with updated versions.


Historical Documents


Draft MPG ICS Form Guidance: MPG6 A9 Draft.pdf


In-Work NTS Statement of Work for Updates: Statement of Work NTS-006.pdf


* * * * *


Message Origination and Delivery Guidance (NTS-003):  White Paper NTS-003


Cycle 2 CAN and TCC Operation Guidelines (NTS-005):   NTS-005.pdf


Embedding FLMSG ICS Forms Within a Radiogram (NTS-007):  NTS-007.pdf


* * * * *


Emergency Communications Advisory Committee Final Report:  ECAC Report


Program and Services Committee Cover Letter to the NTS Response to the ECAC Report:  Cover Letter to P&SC


NTS Response to the ECAC Report (White Paper NTS-004):  NTS Response Paper NTS-004


* * * * *


Public Service Communications Manual:  PSCM Section II from ARRL Website


NTS Methods and Practices Guide including revised Chapter 6 (NTS Digital)


Appendix  B of the Public Service Communications Manual:  NTS MPG Table of Contents


Auxiliary Communications Field Operations Guide (ARES / DHS):  AUXFOG 21 Nov 13


Letter to NTS From ARRL P&SC: Letter to NTS.pdf


Adoption of ICS-213 P&SC Instructions: Adoption of ICS213.pdf


* * * * *


 (Older Historical Documents)


Original Proposed Structural and Document Revisions: NTS and ARES Structure Proposals


Original Exhibit A – Management Integration of ARES, NTS, and NTSD:  Management and Integration


Original Exhibit B – Public Service Communications Manual Revision Notes:  PSCM Revision Notes


Original NTS Commentary on the ECAC Final Report:  ECAC Report Commentary